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Hey Guys!!!! Umm… Yeah I know, it’s been a while. But seriously! I almost never touched my laptop ‘cuz FAMILY BUSINESS. Can you believe it?! MOVING ON… Well I guess the title says it all. This is another review by ME. For you Final Fantasy VII Fans, REJOICE! Jeez… what the hell happened to me? let’s just… start the review.

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Zack Fair

Uhh… No, that’s not Cloud. But he is the main character. His name is Zack Fair, SOLDIER 2nd Class, and the main antagonist isn’t Sephiroth, instead it’s Genesis Rhapsodos (FYI THE COOLEST GUY EVER!). As soon as you start the game, you’ll start wondering “IS THIS MIDGAR? WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON? AND WHY AM I NOT CONTROLLING CLOUD”S ASS?!”. So take it easy, get out of your room, make some cofee, and drinkit peacefully. The opening scene’s a FFVII Traditional, Zack jumped off a helicopter and land on a train. After some scenes, you’ll fight Behemoth, and after that, someone familiar shows up… let me give you a hint, HIS name starts with an “S” and ends with an “H”. He has a very amusing theme song that sounds like “EGG TOSS, YOU CARRY, EAT A BAG, LEMON-DY, HEAD SAUCE, JIM CARREY, IN A BEAR, HEAVEN PEE. DAFFY-ROTH! DAVE LEE ROTH!”. That’s right! it’s Sephiroth! As soon as you notice him, he starts attacking you and almost kills you, but then, Angeal (He’s that guy with Zack on the helicopter) came to save the day. But shortly, everything starts being pixelated. Hey what a surprise? All that was just a Virtual Training. Anyways, later on, you’ll control Zack at the Shinra Building. You’ll probably think “Hey whaddya know? no one’s tangling me.” Well duhh Einstein, you’re a SOLDIER. Soon, Zack is sent on a mission with Angeal to Wutai (apparently Wutai and Shinra are having a war). After you reach the end of the path, a cutscene starts, Angeal and Zack are talking behind a rock. Zack starts asking why Angeal never used that “Oversized Sword” on Angeal’s back. Of course, there’s only one “Oversized Sword” in the whole FFVII History. Yeah, I’m talking about the one and only, Buster Sword. But what’s it doing on Angeal’s back? Did Cloud lose it on a gambling game? No. You’ll learn later on in the game. So… blah blah blah… Mission junk. As soon as you finished the mission, Zack starts walking around the forest near the mission area. Lazard (I’m not gonna talk about him) asks you “Where Is Sephiroth?”, that’s weird, why’re you asking me where a criminal is? then Zack responses “I dunno… Sephiroth… The Hero. Someday I’ll be like him!”. OKAY STOP. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT AGAIN. GET OFF YOUR ASS CUZ SQUARE HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Anyways that is as far as I will explain cuz SPOILERS… SPOILERS EVERYWHERE… 

Gameplay 1Gameplay 2

This is an Action-RPG btw. So don’t freak out when you start a battle and you don’t see a message telling you to attack or anything. For the gameplay, I’ll give it a 9 out of 10. “Why?” you ask? well, since the dawn of Playstation, RPG has been my favorite Genre. Some years later, the word “Action-RPG” came out. I was really psyched to go buy it. The game was really worth it. BUT, years pass by, now Action-RPG is a very common word. So I’ll just get to the point (about time…), The “RPG” word in “Action-RPG” is slowly fading. On to the next subject, Zack’s limit breaks are adaptive, they adapt from other character’s Limit Breaks (ex: Aerith’s Healing Wind becomes Healing Wave, Cloud’s Meteorain become Meteor Shot). They can be activated through the DMW. The DMW is a slot thingyi that spins as soon as you start the battle, if the result is perfect (ex: Cloud Cloud Cloud, Angeal Angeal Angeal, Sephiroth Sephiroth Sephiroth), Zack automatically use the Limit Break (FYI, Zack can use Octaslash too ^^). Look at the screenshots above, The DMW is located on the top left corner of the screen. LOL look at the second picture, see who’s at the left side of the DMW, IT’S TSENG! AHAHAHAHAHAH HE HAD A PONYTAIL? So basically, that’s the basics of the gameplay. Oh and in case I haven’t mention it, Crisis Core takes place 7 Years from the events of Final Fantasy VII. Oh and also, face it, Sephiroth’s not evil right now.

Before I end this review, here’s some of the main characters (Picture FYI)


I guess that’s all… SEE ‘YA GUYS! MORE REVIEWS COMING!

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