Final Fantasy Type 0 Translation Part 1 [ The Basics ]

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Walkthrough

Hey guys! I’m gonna start a walkthrough about Final Fantasy Type 0. For this part [ There’s gonna be 2 Parts], I’ll  be explaining some of the basics. So… Let’s start.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Logo


Triangle Button = Normal Attack [ Battle ]
O Button               = Ability [ Battle ], Action [ Non-Battle ]
Square button    = Magic/Ability [ Battle ]
X Button                = Hold for Defense Commands [ Battle ], Hold while moving to Dash
START                     = Menu
SELECT                    = Use item
L + Up                     = Change into a reserve member when one of the battle members is dead
L + Left                   = Change into another battle member in the field
L + Down               = Zoom Out View [ World Map ]


When in battle, you can attack the enemy using a wide variety of attacks depending on the ability equipped. Magics will consume MP and Abilities will consume AG. In battle, try to move as much as possible. To Lock On, press R. Hold X If your character have Heal [ ケアル ]. If you don’t have it, press SELECT to use an item that’s been set. To set items, open the menu and choose アイテム. Then, choose the third option and pick the item you want to set by pressing O. Sometimes in battle, you’ll see a Leader. You’ll know who’s a leader because they’re more stronger than normal enemies. But if you kill him first, the rest of the enemy will surrender. If this happens, you can talk to them and they’ll drop items if you’re lucky.


When battling enemies, always lock on to the enemies. When the lock on color becomes yellow or red, you can one-hit kill the enemy. If they’re too strong, they can’t be one-hit killed but will still receive a lot of damage. Take advantage of this as it will help in boss battles. But don’t be too happy because you too can be one-hit killed by the enemy. Your body will be red and there’s a big risk of being one-hit killed by the enemy. Keep dashing until your body becomes normal.


攻撃力: Attack Power
防御力: Defense Power
炎魔力: Fire Magic Power
冷気魔力: Ice Magic Power
雷魔力: Lightning Magic Power
防御魔力: Defense Magic Power
戦闘時間 : Combat Time


ポーズ : Pause
依頼 : Check missions
作戦中止 : Cancle missions
実戦演習 : See Combat Practice status
世界地図 : World Map
魔導院へ戻る: Go back to the academy
タイトルへ戻る : Return to title menu


When activating Save Crystal, this menu will show up:

操作キャラ変更 : Change controlled character
リザーブ編成 : Change the order of the party
装備 : Equipment
成長 : Ability
—– キャラ成長 : Upgrade characters
—– アイテム成長 : Upgrade items
—– 軍神成長 : Upgrade summons
—– 朱雀成長 : Upgrade suzaku
アルトクリスタリウム : Alto Crystarium
セーブ : Save
ロード : Load


Phantoma [ ファントマ ] can be collected in battles. There are lots of different colored Phantoma that can be collected, and you need every single one of them to upgrade your magics. To receive Phantoma, after battle, when the enemies are all dead, Lock On to their corpses until they let out some kind of red aura. Then, press Square or Triangle. Absorbing Phantoma will recover some MP.


Alto Crystarium is a place/menu where you can mess with your magic. You’ll need a specific Phantoma to change every effects. Such as decreasing the MP Cost and increasing the attack’s damage. Every attack has different types. The following is a bit of explanation:

Shotgun Type [ SHG ] = Strong to deal with close enemies.
Rifle Type [ RF ] = Able to hit enemies from afar, but still has a limited reach. It concentrates on 1 enemy.
Bomb Type [ BOM ] = An attack that hit surrounding enemies.
Missile Type [ MIS ] = A homing attack.
Rocket Launcher Type [ ROK ] = A combination of Missile and Bomb.

Here are status that can be upgraded:

威力 = Power, affects the damage.
回復量 = Recovery Rate, fastens the possibility to be used again.
MP効率 = MP, Affects the MP Cost.
詠唱時間 = Casting Time, affects the speed of the casting time.
射程距離  = Distance, affects the reach of the attack.
速度  = Speed, affects the speed of the attack.
追尾性能 = Homing Performance, increase the Homing rate.
耐久力 = Endurance Power, increase the endurance rate.

Alto Crystarium Demonstration


When starting the game, you’ll be given some Free Time. You’ll be able to do some stuff by exploring the Academy. If you go out to the World Map, you’ll spend your free time with a minimal of 6 hours. Following Mog’s class will spend 2 hours. Quest wont spend any Free Time, unless that quest requires you to go to the World Map. If you want to flee from a battle, use a Teleport Stone [ テレポストーン ], but you have to buy it first. Sometimes you’ll see an icon above someone’s head. Here’s some explanation:

! = Speak to this character to spend 2 hours of Free Time, you’ll usually get items or cutscenes.
? = This character will tell you many things in the game.
係 = This character has some information about things in the game, like airships and training. It usually has a blue color.
必 = This icon represents locations or peoples that have to be activated at Mission Mode. Go to that area or talk to the person to activate Mission Mode. If it’s on the World Map, you have to go to that location.
店 = Characters with this icon [ Usually colored blue ] will sell items.
頼 = Characters with this icon [ usually colored yellow ] will have a quest for you. Select the first option to accept.
済 = After finishing a mission/quest, Speak to a person with this icon and he/she will give you items.


Before starting a mission, you have to choose characters that will be used as well as the party. You then have to choose 1 of the supports that can be used. The first option is Trinity Attack, the second option is Summon, and the third option is Suzaku Attack. These options will only be available at missions. After choosing the preferred support, press Triangle and O to activate it [ Hold if you’re using Summons or Suzaku Attack ]. If you activate summon, you’ll lose that character. Summon can cause heavy damage and can only be used in limited time. Trinity Attack is like a Union Strike between your character and the other 2. This isn’t as powerful as summon but can be used a lot of times. Suzaku Attack can be used a few times where you have to push buttons to Charge.


At the Chocobo Stall, speak to the student near the Chocobo Cage. He’ll help you breed Chocobo. You can ride Chocobo in the World Map. You can also use it to attack enemies in Combat Practice. Chocoba can also be catched in the World Map, just approach it. When riding a Chocobo, there’s a time limit until they dissapear.



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