Final Fantasy Type-0 Review

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Game Reviews

Final Fantasy Type-0 Logo

Hey guys! On this review, as the name says, I’m gonna talk about Final Fantasy Type-0. Square Enix have really done it with this game, even I can’t stop playing this game. This game came out on October 27th 2011. In the game, you will progress as 14 members of the legendary Class 0 (Class Zero).
Final Fantasy Type-0 Main Cast

From left to right: Sice, Eight,King, Cater, Cinque, Trey, Rem, Machina, Queen, Ace, Nine, Seven, Jack, Deuce




FF Type-0 has a very similar gameplay to that of The 3rd Birthday [2010] And Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [2007]. Every member of Class Zero has their own weapon. Let’s start from the one i think is the best and coolest character, Ace [Cards], and the others, Deuce [Flute], Trey [Bow], Cater [Magic Gun], Cinque [Mace], Sice [Scythe], Seven [Whip], Jack [Katana], Eight [Fists], Nine [Spear], Queen [Long Sword], King [Dual Pistols], and the 2 new recruits of Class Zero, Machina [Dual Saber], Rem [Daggers]. I’ve also seen Joker on the wiki but I haven’t seen him on the game yet. As For The Gameplay, I already told you that it has a similarity to The 3rd Birthday and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. It’s an Action Role-Playing Game where players can visit the world map and go to other cities and explore caves. There are 2 types of battle, Map Battles and Normal Battles. Map battles are battles that occur in the world map. Normal Battles are battles that occur at places such as Caves and cities.

Wanna hear the OVERPOWERED part about this game???

1 word


Can you believe that you can CONTROL SUMMONS?? I mean it’s not everyday you get to rampage through enemy lines and obliterate enemy bosses right??? But this time, the summons have subtypes but i’m not gonna talk about the subtypes ’cause it’s gonna be very long. There are 6 Types of summon:

1. Ifrit

Ifrit Artwork

This fiery summon isn’t going anywhere. it’s still here with it’s powerful move “Hellfire”.

2. Shiva

Shiva Artwork

This icy girl isn’t gonna leave the party yet! She still uses her ice move “Diamond Dust”.

3. Golem

Golem Artwork

“dude, it looks retarded…” WELL IT’S NOT. This huge… stone-robot thingy… isn’t very popular but it will be after you obtain it. 


Bahamut Artwork

Oh Yeah! The Conqueror of The Skies is back! It also brings it’s signature move “Mega Flare”. 

5. Odin

Odin Artwork

Yes. This IS Odin. 

6. Diablos

Diablos Artwork

I… WANT…IT. What?? LOOK AT HIM. How could you not want this overpowered summon??

BTW as usual, here’s the download link:

Okay guys, this has been a very long review and I would like to end it here. 



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