Hey Guys!!!! Umm… Yeah I know, it’s been a while. But seriously! I almost never touched my laptop ‘cuz FAMILY BUSINESS. Can you believe it?! MOVING ON… Well I guess the title says it all. This is another review by ME. For you Final Fantasy VII Fans, REJOICE! Jeez… what the hell happened to me? let’s just… start the review.

Crisis Core Logo

Zack Fair

Uhh… No, that’s not Cloud. But he is the main character. His name is Zack Fair, SOLDIER 2nd Class, and the main antagonist isn’t Sephiroth, instead it’s Genesis Rhapsodos (FYI THE COOLEST GUY EVER!). As soon as you start the game, you’ll start wondering “IS THIS MIDGAR? WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON? AND WHY AM I NOT CONTROLLING CLOUD”S ASS?!”. So take it easy, get out of your room, make some cofee, and drinkit peacefully. The opening scene’s a FFVII Traditional, Zack jumped off a helicopter and land on a train. After some scenes, you’ll fight Behemoth, and after that, someone familiar shows up… let me give you a hint, HIS name starts with an “S” and ends with an “H”. He has a very amusing theme song that sounds like “EGG TOSS, YOU CARRY, EAT A BAG, LEMON-DY, HEAD SAUCE, JIM CARREY, IN A BEAR, HEAVEN PEE. DAFFY-ROTH! DAVE LEE ROTH!”. That’s right! it’s Sephiroth! As soon as you notice him, he starts attacking you and almost kills you, but then, Angeal (He’s that guy with Zack on the helicopter) came to save the day. But shortly, everything starts being pixelated. Hey what a surprise? All that was just a Virtual Training. Anyways, later on, you’ll control Zack at the Shinra Building. You’ll probably think “Hey whaddya know? no one’s tangling me.” Well duhh Einstein, you’re a SOLDIER. Soon, Zack is sent on a mission with Angeal to Wutai (apparently Wutai and Shinra are having a war). After you reach the end of the path, a cutscene starts, Angeal and Zack are talking behind a rock. Zack starts asking why Angeal never used that “Oversized Sword” on Angeal’s back. Of course, there’s only one “Oversized Sword” in the whole FFVII History. Yeah, I’m talking about the one and only, Buster Sword. But what’s it doing on Angeal’s back? Did Cloud lose it on a gambling game? No. You’ll learn later on in the game. So… blah blah blah… Mission junk. As soon as you finished the mission, Zack starts walking around the forest near the mission area. Lazard (I’m not gonna talk about him) asks you “Where Is Sephiroth?”, that’s weird, why’re you asking me where a criminal is? then Zack responses “I dunno… Sephiroth… The Hero. Someday I’ll be like him!”. OKAY STOP. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT AGAIN. GET OFF YOUR ASS CUZ SQUARE HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Anyways that is as far as I will explain cuz SPOILERS… SPOILERS EVERYWHERE… 

Gameplay 1Gameplay 2

This is an Action-RPG btw. So don’t freak out when you start a battle and you don’t see a message telling you to attack or anything. For the gameplay, I’ll give it a 9 out of 10. “Why?” you ask? well, since the dawn of Playstation, RPG has been my favorite Genre. Some years later, the word “Action-RPG” came out. I was really psyched to go buy it. The game was really worth it. BUT, years pass by, now Action-RPG is a very common word. So I’ll just get to the point (about time…), The “RPG” word in “Action-RPG” is slowly fading. On to the next subject, Zack’s limit breaks are adaptive, they adapt from other character’s Limit Breaks (ex: Aerith’s Healing Wind becomes Healing Wave, Cloud’s Meteorain become Meteor Shot). They can be activated through the DMW. The DMW is a slot thingyi that spins as soon as you start the battle, if the result is perfect (ex: Cloud Cloud Cloud, Angeal Angeal Angeal, Sephiroth Sephiroth Sephiroth), Zack automatically use the Limit Break (FYI, Zack can use Octaslash too ^^). Look at the screenshots above, The DMW is located on the top left corner of the screen. LOL look at the second picture, see who’s at the left side of the DMW, IT’S TSENG! AHAHAHAHAHAH HE HAD A PONYTAIL? So basically, that’s the basics of the gameplay. Oh and in case I haven’t mention it, Crisis Core takes place 7 Years from the events of Final Fantasy VII. Oh and also, face it, Sephiroth’s not evil right now.

Before I end this review, here’s some of the main characters (Picture FYI)


I guess that’s all… SEE ‘YA GUYS! MORE REVIEWS COMING!

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Hey guys! so uhh… Mid-Terms Exams are coming and I MAY or MAY NOT be continuing the Final Fantasy Type 0 Walkthrough for a couple of weeks. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely continue after Mid-Terms are over. I’m sorry because of the inconvenience.


Hey guys! I’m gonna continue the Final Fantasy Type 0 Walkthrough. In this part, I’ll explain about Abilities each Character has. Let’s start.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Logo


There are some same abilities that can be used by every character. For every character’s special abilities, I’ll put it below their names. To unlock new abilities, you usually have to unlock another ability first or increase your level.

スピードアップ = Increase Speed.
ツインマジック = Equip 2 magics at once.
ラ系キャンセル魔法 = -RA Magic Cancel.
—– ガ系キャンセル魔法 = -GA Magic Cancel.
三連回避 = Triple Dodge.
—– 無限回避 = Infinite Dodge.
回避ガード = Increases Evasion.
ライブラ = Libra [See enemy status].
キャンセル回避 = Cancel Ability.
近接攻撃 = Melee Attack.
キャンセル魔法壱型 = Magic Cancel First Style.


チャージ攻撃: Charge Attack
—– チャージ攻撃LV2 : Charge Attack Level 2.
通常攻撃強化: Increase Normal Attack.
デッキオープン: Deck Open [ Increase the number of Cards summoned ]
アタックデッキ: Attack Deck [ Increase the number of Attack Cards summoned ]
サポートデッキ: Support Deck [ Increase the number of Support Cards summoned ]
ライフデッキ: Life Deck [ Increase the number of Cards that can heal HP ]
スピリットデッキ: Spirit Deck [ Increased the number of Cards that can heal MP ]
トラップカード: Trap Card [ Put Cards that will explode on Ace’s will ]
—– TC時間延長: Increase TC usage time
—– TC消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use TC
キャノンレーザー: Cannon Laser, an attack that uses a laser beam
—– CL強化: Boost CL firepower
—– CL時間延長: Increase CL active time
—– CL消費AG減 : Decrease AG Cost to use CL
トライレーザー : Tri-Laser, an attack that uses 3 laser.
—– TL消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use TL
テレポカード: Teleport Card
—– テレポ威力増大: Boost TC power
—– テレポ強化: Upgrade TC
—– テレポ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use TC


音塊配置攻撃: Inkai Haichi Kougeki, Creates an energy ball that explodes upon enemy contact [ Analog Down + Triangle ]
—– 音塊配置配化: Inkai Haichi Haika.
演奏強化: Enhanced Performance, Increase Normal Attack power
—–演奏強化改: Enhanced Performance EX.
コンチェルト: Concerto, Attacks enemy while giving Protect and Aura status to ally at once
—– CONガード: When attacked while using CON, Deuce wont be staggered
—– CON消費AG減 : Decrease AG Cost to use CON
コンチェルトFF: Concerto FF, Divert attacks from enemy to other allies
—– CFF消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use CFF
黒のレクイエム: Black Requiem, Explosion will occur when the button is held
—– Reqガード: When attacked while using Req, Deuce wont be staggered
—– Req威力増大: Increase Req power
—– Req消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Req
不協和音のソナタ: Dissonant Sonata, Provides damage and stun to surrounding enemies
—– Sonガード: When attacked while using Son, Deuce wont be staggered
—– Son効果増大: Increase Son effects
—– Son消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Son
白のセレナーデ: White Serenade, Heals ally HP.
—– SERガード: When attacked while using SER, Deuce wont be staggered
—– SER回復増加: Increase SER healing effects
—– SER消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SER
クレシェンド: Crescendo, Increase the power of a Normal Attack
—– クレシェンド強化: Increase Crescendo level


チャージショット: Charge Shot
—– チャージLV4: Charge LV4
—– チャージLV5: Charge LV5
—– チャージLVMAX: Charge LVMAX
アローシャワー: Arrow Shower, Fires an arrow rain from above
—– AS威力増大: Increase AS power
—– AS消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use AS
フリーズショット: Freeze Shot, Arrow with Ice Element
—– FS時間延長: Increase duration of FS
—– FS消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use FS
バーストエリア: Burst Area, Put a Magic Spot on the ground that absorbs enemy HP
グランド・トライン: Grand Train, The same as Burst Area. Only stronger.
アローダイナマイト: Arrow Dynamite, Sticks a dynamite to an enemy that will explode after some seconds
—– AD威力増大: Increase AD power
—– AD消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use AD
スナイプモード: Snipe Mode, Snipe enemies from afar
—– SM消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SM
ヒット&シールド: Hit & Shield, Provides damage then creates a fire wall
—– HS威力増大: Increase HS power
—– HS時間延長: Increase HS duration
—– HS消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use HS
精神統一: Power Up, Increase Trey’s attack power for a limited time
—– 精神統一効果増大: Increase Seishin Toitsu power
—– 精神統一時間延長: Increase use time of Seishin Toitsu


キャンセル行動: Action Cancel
チャージショット: Charge Shot
—– チャージ強化: Increase Charge power
爆発弾: Exploding Bullet, Shots a bullet that will explode
—– 爆発弾強化: Increase Exploding Bullet power
通常射撃強化: Increase Normal Attack power
属性弾: Attribute Bullet, Gives an element to a bullet, depends by pressing Analog + O or Square
—– 火災弾威力増大: Increase Fire Bullet power
—– 氷結弾: Ice Bullet, Bullet with Ice element
—– 氷結弾強化: Increase Ice Bullet power
—– 雷光弾: Lightning Bullet, Bullet with Lightning element
—– 雷光弾威力増大: Increase Lightning Bullet power
地雷弾: Mine Bullet, Shoots a Mine Bullet
—– 地雷弾威力増大: Increase MB power
—– 地雷弾消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use MB
弱体弾: Weak Bullet, Shoots a bullet that will decrease enemy defense
—– 弱体弾効果増大: Increase WB effects
—– 弱体弾消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use WB
静止弾: Stop Bullet, Shoots a bullet that causes stop effect
—– 静止弾時間延長: Increase SB duration
—– 静止弾消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SB
スナイプモード: Snipe Mode, Shoot enemies from afar manually
—– SM消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SM
毒性弾: Poison Bullet, Shoots a bullet that causes poison effect
—– 毒性弾時間延長: Increase PB duration
—– 毒性弾消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use PB


チャージ攻撃: Charge Attack
—– チャージLV2: Charge LV2
—– チャージLV3: Charge LV3
アースクエイク: Earthquake, Strikes mace to the ground
—– EQ効果増大: Increase EQ Effect
—– EQ効果増大改: Increase EQ Effect higher
—– EQガード: When doing EQ and attacked by the enemy, Cinque wont be staggered
アースインパルス: Earth Impulse, The same as EQ but only strikes on one path
—– EI効果増大: Increase EI effect
フルスイング: Full Swing, Pressing the button will increase Cinque’s power
—– フルスイング溜め: Upgrades Full Swing
—– フルスイング溜め改: Upgrades Full Swing Charge
—– フルスイング強化: Increase Full Swing power
気合: Shout, Increase Cinque’s next attack power
—– 気合効果増大 : Increase Shout effect
—– 気合消費AG減: Decrease AG Costto use Shout
メイスハリケーン: Mace Hurricane, Spins while swinging mace
—– MH強化: Increase MH attack power
メイスサイクロン: Mace Cyclone
—– MSガード: When attacked while using MS, Cinque wont be staggered
リベンジブラスト: Revenge Blast, The lower the HP the higher the damage
—– RB強化: Increase RB power


通常攻撃強化: Increase Normal Attack power
—– 通常攻撃強化改: Increase Normal Attack further
—– 通常攻撃強化改二: Increase Normal Attack more further
移動攻撃: Movement Attack, Attacks while moving
怨念吸収: Absorb Hatred, Sice’s power increase after defeating enemy
—– 怨念吸収強化: Increase AH power
—– 怨念吸収強化改: Increase AH power further 
—– 怨念吸収改: Increase AH power more further
ダークネビュラ: Dark Nebula, A straight attack
—– DN効果追加: Increase DN effect
—– DN消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use DN
ダークゾーン: Dark Zone, Attacks surrounding enemies
—– DZ効果追加: Increase DZ effect
—– DZ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use DZ
ダークネメシス: Dark Nemesis, Attacks the enemy with a possibility of an Instant Death
ポイズンウォール: Poison Wall, Creates a wall that causes poison effect
—– PW消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use PW
サイコボルテックス: Psycho Vortex, Creates a tornado that follows target
—– PV威力増大: Increase PV power
—– PV時間延長: Increase PV duration
—– PV消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use PV
ブラックホール: Black Hole, Gathers enemy in one area
—– BH消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use BH


前方攻撃: Forward Attack, Pierce attacks
—– 前方攻撃LV2: Forward Attack LV2
—– 前方攻撃LV3: Forward Attack LV3
範囲攻撃: Wide Attack, An attack with wide range
—– 範囲攻撃LV2: Wide Attack LV2
—– 範囲攻撃LV3: Wide Attack LV3
スタンフィニッシュ: Stun Finisher, Provides huge damag eto enemy and cause stun effect
キャッチ: Catch, Catches enemy with whip and comes closer
—– キャッチ効果追加: Upgrades catch effect
—– キャッチ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Catch
ヘッドストライク: Head Strike, Throws the whip up to cause damage from above
—– HS威力増大: Increase HS power
エレメントウィップ: Elemental Whip, Attacks the enemy using whip with element [ Press Analog + Square or O ]
—–EW炎威力増大: Increase EW Fire power
—–EW冷気効課追加: Adds Ice Element
—–EW冷気威力増大: Increase EW Ice power
—–EW雷効課追加: Adds Lightning Element
—–EW雷威力増大: Increase EW Lightning power
ボンデージウィップ: Bondage Whip, An attack that causes stop effect to the enemy
—– BW時間延長: Increase BW duration
—– BW消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use BW
ドレインウィップ: Drain Whip, Absorbs enemy HP
—– DW威力増大: Increase DW power
アスピルウィップ: Aspil Whip, Absorbs Enemy HP
—– AW威力増大: Increase AW power


特殊回避: Sidestep, Dodges to the left or right by with Analog + Triangle combination
バックアタック: Back Attack, Increases the chances of Critical Hits when hitting enemies from the back
ダウンカウンター: Down Counter, When Eight falls down, he can counter
裏拳: Backfist, Press Analog Down + Triangle to cause stun effect.
疾風の型: Shippu no Kata, Able to perform an attack combination without spending AG
—– 疾風の型改: Shippu No Kata Area Attack by pressing Analog Down + O or Square
—– 疾風の型改二: Increase Shippu No Kata attack power
烈火の型: Rekka no Kata, Able to perform an attack combination without spending AG
—– 烈火の型改: Releases a Fire Pillar
—– 烈火の型改二: Charging Tackle by pressing Analog Up + O or Square
迅雷の型: Jinrai no Kata, able to perform an attack combination without spending AG
—–迅雷の型改: Heals HP
—–迅雷の型改二: Sliding Kick by pressing Analog Up + O or Square
爆裂拳: Bakuretsu-ken, Attacks enemy and causes a huge damage but very slow
—– 爆裂拳威力増大: Increase Bakuretsu-ken power
—– 爆裂拳ガード: When attacked while using Bakuretsu-ken, Eight wont be staggered
捨て身パンチ: Sacrifice Punch, Sacrifices HP for an attack with huge damage
光速拳: Kousoku-ken, fast attack but little damage
—– 光速拳改: Teleports near enemy
—– 光速拳改二 : Increases Teleport reach
背水の陣: Haisui no Jin, Gives Aura effect, Haste, and Kill Sight
—– 背水の陣消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Haisui No Jin
夢幻闘舞: Mugen Tōbu, Ignore enemy attacks while running
—– 夢幻闘舞消費AG減 : Decrease AG Cost to use Mugen Tōbu


範囲攻撃: Range Attack, Able to attack further
—– 範囲攻撃LV3: Range Attack LV3
移動攻撃: Movement Attack, Able to attack while moving
—– 移動攻撃LV2: Movement Attack LV2
ジャンプ:  Jump, Jumps to cause high damage to enemy
—– ジャンプ威力増大: Increase Jump power
—– ジャンプ強化: Increase Critical Hit chance 
—– ジャンプ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Jump
セーフティガード: Safety Guard, Creates a protector to heal HP
—– SG消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SG
スパイラルランス: Spiral Lance, Pulls enemy while keep doing damage
—– SL消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SL
ハイジャンプ: Hi-Jump, An upgraded version of Jump          
—– HJ威力増大: Increase HJ power        
—– HJ威力増大改: Increase HJ power further 
スローランサー: Throw Lancer, Throws a lance at the enemy
—– スローランサー強化: Increase TL power 
ストライクランサー: Strike Lancer, An upgraded version of Throw Lancer
—– SL威力増大: Increase SL power
咆哮: Houkou, Causes stop effect to enemy
—– 咆哮時間延長: Increase Houkou duration 
—– 咆哮消費AG減: Decrease AG cost to use Houkou


一の太刀: Ichi no Tachi, Increases the chances of Critical Hits when hitting enemies from the back
通常攻撃強化: Increase Normal Attack power
集中: Concentration, power up.
—– 集中強化: Increase Concentration power
見切り: Mikiri, Counter Attack using melee attack
—– 見切り威力増大: increase Mikiri power
—– 見切り強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
—– 見切り消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Mikiri
無常紅吹雪: Mujyou Kousuisetsu, Sacrifice HP to add damage to enemy
—– 紅吹雪威力増大: Increase Kousuisetsu power
—– 紅吹雪威力増大改: Increase Kousuisetsu power further
—– 紅吹雪消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Kousuisetsu
電光石火: Raikou Sekka, Slash attack many times
—– 電光石火強化: Increase Raikou Sekka power
—– 電光石火消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Raikou Sekka
引渡し: Hikiwatashi, Attacks enemy with kill sight immediately
—– 引渡し消費AG減:  Decrease AG Cost to use Hikiwatashi
一閃突破: Issen Toppa, Decrease enemy defense
—– 一閃突破効果増大: Increase Issen Toppa effect
—– 一閃突破威力増大: Increase Issen Toppa power
—– 一閃突破消費AG減: Decrease AG to use Issen Toppa
明鏡止水: Meikyou Shisui, A stronger Counter Attack
—– 明鏡止水威力増大: Increase Meikyou Shisui power
—– 明鏡止水効果追加: Adds Kill Sight effect to Meikyou Shisui
—– 明鏡止水消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Meikyou Shisui


突進攻撃: Rush Attack, Pierce Attack while moving forward
—– 突進攻撃LV2: Rush Attack LV2
後退攻撃: Retreat Attack, Attacks then jumps back
—– 後退攻撃LV2: Retreat Attack LV2
クロスジャッジ: Cross Judge, Absorbs enemy HP and heals ally HP within range
—– CJ強化: Increase CJ Rotation Speed
—– CJ威力増大: Increase CJ power    
—– CJ回復量増大: Increase CJ heal power
—– CJ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use CJ
エナジーシェア: Energy Share, Sucks HP but heals MP
—– ES強化: Increase ES power
—– ESガード: When attacked while using ES, Queen wont be staggered
ダッシュ: Dash, Moves quickly towards the enemy      
—– ダッシュ消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Dash
エナジーコンボ: Energy Combo, Releases an Energy Ball to an enemy
—– EC威力増大: Increase EC power        
—– EC強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
—– EC消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use EC
エナジーボム: Energy Bomb, Absorbs HP and deals damage to an enemy who uses magic
—– EB威力増大: Increase EB power        
—– EB強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
リフレクトガード: Reflect Guard, counter attack.
—– RG威力増大: Increase RG power
—– RG消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use RG


射撃: Marksmanship, The closer the enemy the higher the damage. But will also be affected by weather
リロード: Reload, Reload by pressing Analog Down + Triangle
—– リロード射撃: Can still shoot while reloading
キック攻撃: Kick Attack, melee attack by pressing Analog Up + Triangle
—– 格闘射撃: Shoots followed by Melee Attack
マガジン弾数増加 : Increase bullet capacity from 12 to 18
—– マガジン弾数増加改: Increase bullet capacity from 10 to 24
パワードバレット: Powered Bullet, Causes huge damage to a nearby enemy
—– チャージLV1: Charge LV1
—– チャージLV2: Charge LV2
—– チャージLV3: Charge LV3
—– PB強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
—– PB消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use PB
マガジンボム: Magazine Bomb, Throws bullet magazine that will explode by pressing O or Square
—– MB威力増大: Increase MP power
—– MB消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use MB
エンドレスワルツ: Endless Waltz, Endless shooting [ Hold ]
—– EW消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use MB
クイックドロウ: Quick Draw, counter attack.
—– QD強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
—– QD消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use QD
スナイプモード: Snipe Mode, Snipe far away enemies
—– SM消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SM
ネバーギブアップ: Never Give Up, Able to cancel Instant Death
—– NG時間延長: Increase NG duration
—– NG消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use NG


通常攻撃強化: Enhanced Normal Attack
スピンドライブ: Spin Drive, Keeps doing damage as long as there’s AG remaining
—– SD威力増大: Increase SD power
—– SD威力増大改: Increase SD power further
—– SD強化: Adds a kick on SD’s last attack
—– SD強化改: Increase Critical Hit chance on SD’s kick attack
—– SD消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SD
アサルトモード: Assault Mode, Heals HP and turns Normal Attack to Rush Blade until receive damage
—– AM威力増大: Increase AM power
—– AMガード: When attacked while using AM, Machina wont be staggered
—– AM消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use AM
スタンブレイド: Stun Blade, Attacks with a possibility of stun effect
—– SB効果増大: Increase SB effect
—– SB消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SB
ソードフィールド: Sword Field, Summon blades around Machina
—– SF消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use SF
ドレインソード: Drain Sword, Absorbs enemy HP while attacking
—– DS威力増大: Increase DS power
—– DS消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use DS
ダークサイド: Darkside, Absorbs enemy HP and causes stun effect
—– ダークサイド強化: Increase Critical Hit chance
—– ダークサイド対象増: Increase the number of targets


弱フィニッシュ: Weak Finisher, Press Analog Down + Triangle in the middle of a combo
強フィニッシュ: Strong Finisher, Press Analog Up + Triangle in the middle of a combo
アスピルベノム: Aspil Venom, Absorbs MP from enemy
—– AV射程延長: Increase AV reach
—– AV時間延長: Increase AV duration
コンバート: Convert, Heals Party MP by sacrificing AG
—– CO消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Convert
死なないで: Don’t Die!, Inflict Reraise effect to the party for a limited time
—– SN消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use Don’t Die!
マジックサテライト: Magic Satellite, Attacks with a laser from midair
—– MS威力増大: Increase MS power
—– MS速度増加: Increase MS using speed
—– MS消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use MS
アスピルフィールド: Aspil Field, Creates an area that absorbs MP
—– AF威力増大: Increase AF power
—– AF消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use AF
ブーメランダガー: Boomerang Dagger, Attacks by throwing weapon
—– BD消費AG減: Decrease AG Cost to use BD
ダガーショット: Dagger Shot, An upgraded version of Boomerang Dagger
—– DS威力増大: Increase DS power





Hey guys! I’m gonna start a walkthrough about Final Fantasy Type 0. For this part [ There’s gonna be 2 Parts], I’ll  be explaining some of the basics. So… Let’s start.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Logo


Triangle Button = Normal Attack [ Battle ]
O Button               = Ability [ Battle ], Action [ Non-Battle ]
Square button    = Magic/Ability [ Battle ]
X Button                = Hold for Defense Commands [ Battle ], Hold while moving to Dash
START                     = Menu
SELECT                    = Use item
L + Up                     = Change into a reserve member when one of the battle members is dead
L + Left                   = Change into another battle member in the field
L + Down               = Zoom Out View [ World Map ]


When in battle, you can attack the enemy using a wide variety of attacks depending on the ability equipped. Magics will consume MP and Abilities will consume AG. In battle, try to move as much as possible. To Lock On, press R. Hold X If your character have Heal [ ケアル ]. If you don’t have it, press SELECT to use an item that’s been set. To set items, open the menu and choose アイテム. Then, choose the third option and pick the item you want to set by pressing O. Sometimes in battle, you’ll see a Leader. You’ll know who’s a leader because they’re more stronger than normal enemies. But if you kill him first, the rest of the enemy will surrender. If this happens, you can talk to them and they’ll drop items if you’re lucky.


When battling enemies, always lock on to the enemies. When the lock on color becomes yellow or red, you can one-hit kill the enemy. If they’re too strong, they can’t be one-hit killed but will still receive a lot of damage. Take advantage of this as it will help in boss battles. But don’t be too happy because you too can be one-hit killed by the enemy. Your body will be red and there’s a big risk of being one-hit killed by the enemy. Keep dashing until your body becomes normal.


攻撃力: Attack Power
防御力: Defense Power
炎魔力: Fire Magic Power
冷気魔力: Ice Magic Power
雷魔力: Lightning Magic Power
防御魔力: Defense Magic Power
戦闘時間 : Combat Time


ポーズ : Pause
依頼 : Check missions
作戦中止 : Cancle missions
実戦演習 : See Combat Practice status
世界地図 : World Map
魔導院へ戻る: Go back to the academy
タイトルへ戻る : Return to title menu


When activating Save Crystal, this menu will show up:

操作キャラ変更 : Change controlled character
リザーブ編成 : Change the order of the party
装備 : Equipment
成長 : Ability
—– キャラ成長 : Upgrade characters
—– アイテム成長 : Upgrade items
—– 軍神成長 : Upgrade summons
—– 朱雀成長 : Upgrade suzaku
アルトクリスタリウム : Alto Crystarium
セーブ : Save
ロード : Load


Phantoma [ ファントマ ] can be collected in battles. There are lots of different colored Phantoma that can be collected, and you need every single one of them to upgrade your magics. To receive Phantoma, after battle, when the enemies are all dead, Lock On to their corpses until they let out some kind of red aura. Then, press Square or Triangle. Absorbing Phantoma will recover some MP.


Alto Crystarium is a place/menu where you can mess with your magic. You’ll need a specific Phantoma to change every effects. Such as decreasing the MP Cost and increasing the attack’s damage. Every attack has different types. The following is a bit of explanation:

Shotgun Type [ SHG ] = Strong to deal with close enemies.
Rifle Type [ RF ] = Able to hit enemies from afar, but still has a limited reach. It concentrates on 1 enemy.
Bomb Type [ BOM ] = An attack that hit surrounding enemies.
Missile Type [ MIS ] = A homing attack.
Rocket Launcher Type [ ROK ] = A combination of Missile and Bomb.

Here are status that can be upgraded:

威力 = Power, affects the damage.
回復量 = Recovery Rate, fastens the possibility to be used again.
MP効率 = MP, Affects the MP Cost.
詠唱時間 = Casting Time, affects the speed of the casting time.
射程距離  = Distance, affects the reach of the attack.
速度  = Speed, affects the speed of the attack.
追尾性能 = Homing Performance, increase the Homing rate.
耐久力 = Endurance Power, increase the endurance rate.

Alto Crystarium Demonstration


When starting the game, you’ll be given some Free Time. You’ll be able to do some stuff by exploring the Academy. If you go out to the World Map, you’ll spend your free time with a minimal of 6 hours. Following Mog’s class will spend 2 hours. Quest wont spend any Free Time, unless that quest requires you to go to the World Map. If you want to flee from a battle, use a Teleport Stone [ テレポストーン ], but you have to buy it first. Sometimes you’ll see an icon above someone’s head. Here’s some explanation:

! = Speak to this character to spend 2 hours of Free Time, you’ll usually get items or cutscenes.
? = This character will tell you many things in the game.
係 = This character has some information about things in the game, like airships and training. It usually has a blue color.
必 = This icon represents locations or peoples that have to be activated at Mission Mode. Go to that area or talk to the person to activate Mission Mode. If it’s on the World Map, you have to go to that location.
店 = Characters with this icon [ Usually colored blue ] will sell items.
頼 = Characters with this icon [ usually colored yellow ] will have a quest for you. Select the first option to accept.
済 = After finishing a mission/quest, Speak to a person with this icon and he/she will give you items.


Before starting a mission, you have to choose characters that will be used as well as the party. You then have to choose 1 of the supports that can be used. The first option is Trinity Attack, the second option is Summon, and the third option is Suzaku Attack. These options will only be available at missions. After choosing the preferred support, press Triangle and O to activate it [ Hold if you’re using Summons or Suzaku Attack ]. If you activate summon, you’ll lose that character. Summon can cause heavy damage and can only be used in limited time. Trinity Attack is like a Union Strike between your character and the other 2. This isn’t as powerful as summon but can be used a lot of times. Suzaku Attack can be used a few times where you have to push buttons to Charge.


At the Chocobo Stall, speak to the student near the Chocobo Cage. He’ll help you breed Chocobo. You can ride Chocobo in the World Map. You can also use it to attack enemies in Combat Practice. Chocoba can also be catched in the World Map, just approach it. When riding a Chocobo, there’s a time limit until they dissapear.


Dissidia Final Fantasy LogoDissidia 012 FF Logo

Hey guys, What’s up? It’s me again and I’m back with another Character Review! Okay, so uh… I’m still gonna talk about the same game. Remember the last Chararacter Review? That’s right! I’m gonna review the characters from Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. “But you already done that!” Didn’t you remember? last time I didn’t mention the Warriors Of Chaos.


Dissidia FF Villains

1. Garland [ Final Fantasy ]

Dissidia Garland ArtDissidia Garland EXDissidia Garland

2. The Emperor [ Final Fantasy II ]

Dissidia The Emperor ArtDissidia The Emperor EXDissidia The Emperor

3. The Cloud Of Darkness [ Final Fantasy III ]

Dissidia Cloud Of Darkness ArtDissidia Cloud Of Darkness EXDissidia Cloud Of Darkness

4. Golbez [ Final Fantasy IV ]

Dissidia Golbez ArtDissidia Golbez EXDissidia Golbez

5. Exdeath [ Final Fantasy V ]

Dissidia Exdeath ArtDissidia Exdeath EXDissidia Exdeath

6. Kefka Palazzo [ Final Fantasy VI ]

Dissidia Kefka ArtDissidia Kefka EXDissidia Kefka

7. Sephiroth [ Final Fantasy VII ]

Dissidia Sephiroth ArtDissidia Sephiroth EXDissidia Sephiroth

8. Ultimecia [ Final Fantasy VIII ]

Dissidia Ultimecia ArtDissidia Ultimecia EXDissidia Ultimecia

9. Kuja [ Final Fantasy IX ]

Dissidia Kuja ArtDissidia Kuja EXDissidia Kuja

10. Jecht

Dissidia Jecht ArtDissidia Jecht EXDissidia Jecht

11. Gabranth [ Final Fantasy XII ]

Dissidia Gabranth ArtDissidia Gabranth EX

Ahh… Isn’t it amazing to have many antagonists in one game. As for the 012 sequel, there are no new characters whatsoever. BUT, you CAN use Feral Chaos… Yes, I said Chaos, The God Of Discord. MOVING ON! okay, so onto the review.

1. Garland

He has long ranged attacks and short range attacks. Also lots of weapon forms. Sadly, a little slow. MY RATE = AVERAGE

2. The Emperor

He can set traps, he can send homing magics. (plus you can spam his Flare attack LOL). MY RATE = AWESOME

3. The Cloud Of Darkness

When I’m using her I was like “Holy sh*t, she’s useless.”. But then when I was fighting her as a boss I was like “FUUUU…..” MY RATE = AVERAGE

4. Golbez

I don’t know why, but when I’m controling him, I feel like a warlock. MY RATE = BADASS

5. Exdeath


6. Kefka Palazzo

I don’t really have anything to say about him except… crazy and… insane. (SPAM HIS “HAVOC WING”) MY RATE = EPIC

7. Sephiroth


and yes, I said EPIC BADASS.

8. Ultimecia

She can keep her distance from foes using her undeniably very long ranged attacks. MY RATE = AWESOME

9. Kuja

He also uses long ranged attacks like some of the Chaos Warriors. But don’t get your hopes up. MY RATE = AVERAGE

10. Jecht

NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO BRUTAL IN ALL MY GAMES! He’s so brutal, you can charge all of his attacks (Well, maybe all of them). MY RATE = BADASS

11. Gabranth

Never used the guy in all of Dissidia history… MY “FRIEND’S” RATE = AWESOME

Well, that’s it for this Character Review guys. This’ll be a memorable review :3 LOL.


If you want to download Dissidia Final Fantasy, you can download it here:
Part 1
– Part 2


Dissidia Cosmos & Chaos

Dissidia FF Heroes Cover

Dissidia FF Artwork 1

Dissidia FF Cast

Dissidia FF Heroes & Villains Cover

Dissidia Final Fantasy Logo

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m back with my first Character Review. This time, I’m gonna talk about The Dissidia Final Fantasy Series Characters which are from Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Well both games are great and fun to play. “Seems like normal FF game to me. What makes it fun?” well, what makes is fun is that you can use ALL the main Protagonists of the FF Series in ONE GAME. Not only that, you can even use the Antagonists! Come on you know you can’t resist.

Right, so let’s start from the first sequel, Dissidia Final Fantasy. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HERE ARE THE WARRIORS OF COSMOS!

Dissidia FF Heroes

Warriors Of Cosmos:

1. Warrior Of Light [ Final Fantasy ]

Dissidia Warrior Of Light ArtDissidia Warrior Of Light EXDissidia Warrior Of Light

2. Firion [ Final Fantasy II ]

Dissidia Firion ArtDissidia Firion EXDissidia Firion

3. Onion Knight [ Final Fantasy III ]

Dissidia Onion Knight ArtDissidia Onion Knight EXDissidia Onion Knight

4. Cecil Harvey [ Final Fantasy IV ]

Dissidia Cecil ArtDissidia Cecil EXDissidia Cecil PaladinDissidia Cecil Dark Knight

5. Bartz Klauser [ Final Fantasy V ]

Dissidia Bartz ArtDissidia Bartz EXDissidia Bartz

6. Terra Branford [ Final Fantasy VI ]

Dissidia Terra ArtDissidia Terra EXDissidia Terra

7. Cloud Strife [ Final Fantasy VII ]

Dissidia Cloud ArtDissidia Cloud Alternate ArtDissidia Cloud EXDissidia Cloud Alternate EX

8. Squall Leonhart [ Final Fantasy VIII ]

Dissidia Squall ArtDissidia Squall EXDissidia Squall

9. Zidane Tribal [ Final Fantasy IX ]

Dissidia Zidane ArtDissidia Zidane EXDissidia Zidane

10. Tidus [ Final Fantasy X ]

Dissidia Tidus ArtDissidia Tidus EXDissidia Tidus

11. Shantotto [ Final Fantasy XI ]

Dissidia Shantotto

Wow… that’s a lot of characters. I’m glad I wont have to do that again… oh wait, I do have to do that again for the 012 sequel. This is gonna be one heck of a night. But first, here’s my review for the characters.

1. Warrior Of Light

Hmm… let’s see, Warrior Of Light has many bravery combos and almost all of them can be chained to a HP attack. Now what are his weaknesses… LOL I HONESTLY CAN’T EVEN FIND ONE. MY RATE = BADASS

2. Firion

Now this one, is a must-use character. His bravery attacks are balanced between magic and melee. The only problem is the short interval between his attacks. One wrong push of a button and you could end up dead. MY RATE = USEFUL

3. Onion Knight

He’s small. He’s fast. His attacks are even faster than him. MY RATE = DAMN NICE

4. Cecil Harvey

I always wanted a protagonist that uses darkness… and this one even used darkness AND light. He can switch between a Paladin and a Dark Knight anytime. MY RATE = EPIC.

5. Bartz Klauser

Umm… Yeahhh… I’m not so sure about this one. I always got confused when using him. But hey, That’s me. MY RATE = BELOW AVERAGE

6. Terra Branford

“I think this one’s very cool!” AHAHAHAH…… NO. THIS ONE, SUCKS (to me that is). I CAN’T CONTROL HER MAGIC ATTACKS. MY RATE = BAD

7. Cloud Strife

BEST…CHARACTER…EVAHH! (Well besides Squall) his sword’s so massive, he can send enemies crashing to walls with 3 hits! MY RATE = BADASS

8. Squall Leonhart

What do you get when you combine a gun with a blade? A GUNBLADE (duhh). He can fire magic while hitting his enemies at the same time. Now here’s the overpowered part, when you get his “Revolver Drive” skill (is that it? Revolver Drive right?). Equip the thing and literally SPAM IT TO YOUR ENEMY. MY RATE = BADASS

9. Zidane Tribal

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! IT’S A ZIDANE!! <– (No Joking Skills) Zidane is unrivaled in midair combat. But on ground, don’t hope too much. MY RATE = ABOVE AVERAGE

10. Tidus

He’s counters are very fast. one successful dodge could mean your victory. MY RATE = AVERAGE

11. Shantotto

Using her almost makes me feel I wish i was using Terra. MY RATE = LOL?

Dissidia 012 FF Logo

Whoa whoa whoa… hold on! That was the characters from the first sequel. What? didn’t you read the title?

The characters from the first sequel will all be returning on the second sequel. WITH EVEN MORE CHARACTERS ADDED TO IT. Go home Square, you’re drunk. ACTUALLY, NO, DON’T GO HOME. IT’S PERFECT!


1. Kain Highwind [ Final Fantasy IV ]

Dissidia 012 Kain ArtDissidia 012 Kain EXDissidia 012 Kain

2. Gilgamesh? [ Final Fantasy V ]

Dissidia 012 Gilgamesh ArtDissidia 012 Gilgamesh EX

3. Tifa Lockhart [ Final Fantasy VII ]

Dissidia 012 Tifa ArtDissidia 012 Tifa EXDissidia 012 Tifa

4. Laguna Loire [ Final Fantasy VIII ]

Dissidia 012 Laguna ArtDissidia 012 Laguna EXDissidia 012 Laguna

5. Yuna [ Final Fantasy X ]

Dissidia 012 Yuna ArtDissidia 012 Yuna EXDissidia 012 Yuna

6. Prishe? [ Final Fantasy XI ]

Dissidia 012 Prishe ArtDissidia 012 Prishe EX

7. Vaan [ Final Fantasy XII ]

Dissidia 012 Vaan ArtDissidia 012 Vaan EXDissidia 012 Vaan

8. Lightning [ Final Fantasy XIII ]

Dissidia 012 Lightning ArtDissidia 012 Lightning EXDissidia 012 Lightning


1. Kain Highwind

Coolest Dragoon Ever! Especially when you start spamming his “Jump” attack LOL. MY RATE = AWESOME

2. Gilgamesh


3. Tifa Lockhart

Quick and strong. That’s Tifa for you. She can hit enemies easily with her fist. Cloud you are one lucky guy. MY RATE = COOL

4. laguna Loire

He can switch gun forms whenever he wants. (hey here’s a tip, spam the machine gun LOL) MY RATE = EPIC

5. Yuna


6. Prishe


7. Vaan

How could you not feel overpowered when using him? He can use swords, axes, shields, spears, and lots more. Just like a Boy-I-Fied Yuna, right? MY RATE = EPIC + BADASS

8. Lightning

My favourite girl in all of Final Fantasy series… she’s like Squall’s big sister, i mean they share the same weapon type. Plus you can even heal yourself while using her. MY RATE = BADASS

Okay so that’s it for this Character Review guys. This is probably the longest one I’ve ever made. Still I’m glad I can share this with all of you. Oh and BTW, if you’re wondering “What about the Warriors Of Chaos??” don’t worry they’ll be in the next Character Review!


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